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Why Content Integration?

The amount of digital information continues to increase exponentially. Unfortunately, so does the difficulty in finding the right information.

Content integration offers the ultimate solution

Single search in all data sources

MY-LEX content integration platform enables your employees to instantly retrieve both structured and unstructured data, from the various systems in your organisation.

Internal databases
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From any application

MY-LEX provides a powerful and flexible API, for immediate retrieval of information from multiple applications within your organisation. The results can be displayed in any of these applications. You can also use your own user interface (portal) for this, or use one provided by MY-LEX.

This is MY-LEX

How would you like to use MY-LEX?

MY-LEX offers a specific solution for each of your content integration requirements.

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MY-LEX® since 1987

the history of a pioneer


11 June, 2018

C-CONTENT changes her name to MY-LEX®

Last year C-CONTENT celebrated her 30th anniversary. During this long and ever changing period, C-CONTENT has changed her name only once, and that to emphasize the medium-independence of her search software solutions: in 1999 CD-Europe became C‑CONTENT (‘see’ the content, not the medium). Since 2006 however, C-CONTENT focuses mainly on the development of content integration […]

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Tom Pots

Programmamanager Datagestuurd werken bij Gemeente Zaanstad

"Het vinden van de juiste informatie, is eigenlijk de eerste simpele stap naar datagestuurd werken.”

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