About us

MY-LEX is a software development organisation that specialises in the development of content integration technology and solutions.


MY-LEX was founded in 1987 by Matt Moayedi, initially as part of the first CD-ROM manufacturing facility in Europe. The retrieval software development activities were initiated in March 1988. These activities were subsequently brought under a new company under the name of CD-Europe, a name changed to C-CONTENT in 1999 and from C-CONTENT to MY-LEX in June 2018. From the very beginning, the search software solutions of MY-LEX were optimized for retrieval of legal, scientific and specially official publications. The (international) governmental organizations were hence amongst the very first clients of MY-LEX. A partnership which has remained un-changed to this day. For a more detailed overview, please see the section: “MY-LEX innovation since 1987” (timeline) on the Home page.

Content integration

Since 2004, MY-LEX focuses on the development of content integration technology and solutions. Since 2020, MY-LEX offers MY-LEX Suite®, an organisation-wide content integration solution which meets the primary requirements of any organisation with regard to information management, data retrieval and archiving.

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