About us

MY-LEX® is a software development organisation that specialises in the development of content integration technology and solutions.


MY-LEX® was founded in 1987 by Matt Moayedi, initially as part of the first CD-ROM manufacturing facility in Europe. The retrieval software development activities were initiated in March 1988. These activities were subsequently brought under a new company under the name of CD-Europe, a name changed to C-CONTENT in 1999 and from C-CONTENT to MY-LEX® in June 2018. From the very beginning, the search software solutions of MY-LEX® were optimized for retrieval of legal, scientific and specially official publications. The (international) governmental organizations were hence amongst the very first clients of MY-LEX®. A partnership which has remained un-changed to this day. For a more detailed overview, please see the section: “MY-LEX® innovation since 1987” (timeline) on the Home page.


Content integration

Since 2004, MY-LEX® focuses on the development of content integration technology and solutions. These solutions are developed using MY-LEX® universal content integration system. For more information about MY-LEX®, click here


New management

In June 2009 Sean Moayedi joined MY-LEX®, initially as Account Manager MY-LEX® and was promoted to Sales Manager in September 2012. Since January 2014, Sean is the Commercial Director of MY-LEX® and responsible for all commercial activities of MY-LEX® as well as the direct management of the Sales and Marketing Communication departments and our Project Management team.

Mark Moayedi also joined MY-LEX® in 2009. After working in several other functions, he was named Manager Operations in 2012. From 2013 he was also responsible for Product Management. In November 2015, Mark was named Director Operations and has since been responsible for the coordination of MY-LEX®’s technical activities.

For more information about our Management Team, please click here.