About us

MY-LEX is a software development organisation that specialises in the development of content integration technology and solutions.


MY-LEX® Social Domain (Dutch product for semi government): in collaboration with Stimulansz their social theusaurus is a standard feature which enhances search results. In addition, in case a client has a subscription, we can also take up te Stimulansz advisory texsts (and those of the client) in MY-LEX® Social Domain. www.stimulansz.nl

SDU Uitgevers

The collaboration with Sdu Publishers, ensures Sdu VIND ("find") is part of the sources available through MY-LEX® Government and MY-LEX® Social Domain. Also their advisory texts can be taken up in case the client has a subscritopn to them. www.sdu.nl/vind


Since 2013 MY-LEX is a partner of VNG (United Dutch Municipalities). VNG aids municipalities with acquiring information systems and supports them with the professionalisation and development of information management. This ensures a more transparant process, efficiency through collaborating organisations and local retrieval of collective information. MY-LEX is a preferred supplier of IT solutions for the governmental and municipal market in the Netherlands. www.vng.nl


Dimpact is another cooperation of municipalities. They jointly purchase a collection of software solutions. Integrated search and retrieval of information is essential to a municipality's services and operations. Dimpact aims to achieve this for all its members by integrating relevant information sources for and making them available to all members. For this, MY-LEX is preferred supplier of content integration systems. www.dimpact.nl