What is Content Integration?

Content Integration is the process of collecting and providing access to all relevant (professional) information in a specific segment, through a single search system.

Why content integration

The trend towards digitization and the diversity of available information sources on the internet has led to a surge indigitally available information in the last years. This also increases the difficulty in finding the right piece of information in the mass of data. Examples of this are the enormous amount of data on the internet, an organization’s many internal systems and your employees’ and organization’s knowledge, European, national and international law and legislation, various publishers’ sources… How do you ensure your employees find the right information, as quickly and efficiently as possible?

The solution

Content integration offers the solution. It defines the process of collecting, structuring, ranking and accessibility of all relevant information for a professional in a specific segment, through a single search system.

With this aim in mind, MY-LEX® built 'MY-LEX® universal content integration system', which contains over 24 modules with the necessary building blocks for a specific content integration solution. Click here for more information about MY-LEX®.

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