MY-LEX now offers MY-LEX Suite®, an organisation-wide content integration solution which meets the primary requirements of any organisation with regard to information management, data retrieval and archiving.

MY-LEX Pro®, MY-LEX Legacy® and MY-LEX Maps® together form MY-LEX Suite®, which fulfils the primary requirements of any organisation with regard to information management, data retrieval and archiving.

A full description of our separate solutions can be found on our Products page.

The brief timeline below illustrates the major developments of MY-LEX, from the start with content integration in 2004. A full timeline of the past 33 years is available here.

2018: changes

  • On July 16, 2018, the organisation changes its name from C-CONTENT to MY-LEX and gives its logo’s an update.
  • At the same time, MY-LEX® moves its offices to a new location.
  • The MY-LEX® product suite is expanded with a new system: MY-LEX Legacy®, to phase out old systems.
  • MY-LEX Legacy® proves to be a great success and is implemented at nearly every new customer after its introduction.

2017: Jubilee

  • An important milestone for the organisation, MY-LEX B.V. celebrates its 30th anniversary, a unique prestation in the ever changing world of IT.
  • Op 30 juni 2017 vieren wij dat groots met onze klanten en relaties, met een evenement in het Noord-Brabants Museum.

2016: new MY-LEX® Government version

  • A big update for MY-LEX® Government. Version 5.0 is launched during the annual "Goverment 360° Congress".
  • The MY-LEX website gets a new look.

2015: Der Betrieb

  • An extensive content integration portal containing German corporate information from relevant publications of 10 publishers.
  • Built for and in cooperation with Handelsblatt Fachmedien GmbH.

2014: Product suite

  • MY-LEX® Government is the "portal" for Dutch government officials, to help them find all relevant information within their (local) organization.
  • MY-LEX® is expanded with a 6-module product-suite: MY-LEX Maps®, MY-LEX WebFinder®, MY-LEX Intranet®, MY-LEX Devices® and MY-LEX Appliance® and MY-LEX® Social Domain (2015).

2011: MY-LEX® Government

  • Content integration system for (Dutch) governmental organizations. Developed for and  together with the decentral governmental organizations in the Netherlands
  • Contains all required internal content, complemented with all relevant public and other required external content
  • Thé information portal for national and local governmental authorities in the Netherlands

2011: Tax and Legal portals for the German market

  • Since 2011, several information portals have been introduced to the German market, commissioned by Dr. Otto Schmidt Verlag
  • "SteuerBerater Center":  developed specifically for German Tax advisors
  • "Centrale Online": offers integrated access the relevant information on corporate law
  • "Anwalt Center": offers integrated access to the relevant information for lawyers in Germany

2008: Perinorm

  • Content integration portal for the international industry and building standards (coordinated by DIN, AFNOR and BSI)
  • Contains the standards of 24 countries
  • Organizations can add their own internal standards

2006: First application: Legal, tax and accountancy content integration portal

  • For Dutch Legal, Tax and Accountancy professionals
  • Integrates all relevant titles of publishers, public sources and the organization’s own internal content
  • Based on MY-LEX® universal content integration system

For more information about the different products and possibilities, please see our product page.

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